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Sisters • Pink Tourmaline Ring for October

This design makes me think of us as women and sisters standing together. Each crystal is so unique, and we are as individually beautiful as these crystals. And we are all so lucky to have each other. I hope you will be reminded of that when you see the different shades of pink and the crystals standing tall. 

This ring is made with natural pink Tourmaline crystals- the different shades of pink vary from ring to ring. Tourmaline is the stone for inspiration, happiness, and self-confidence & is the birthstone for October. 

The crystals have brighter colors with sunlight shining through them, deeper subdued colors when in the shade. It is a statement without FEELING like a statement, because the stones are so flat to the finger and comfortable to wear as an everyday piece. The balance of it feels so good being worn, because the stones follow the shape of your finger and don't catch on things because they are set so low. That design helps to lengthen the look of your fingers and make you feel like you have the prettiest hands ever. I could go on and on because I just love this design so much. 

Each ring has 5 crystals with the longest ones toward the center and it can be ordered in gold, rose gold, or silver. In order for every ring can be proportional to different fingers- bigger ring sizes tend to have bigger stones, smaller ring sizes tend to have smaller stones. There will be variations in color (not every ring will look exactly like these photos) because stones are natural, straight from the earth. They aren't grown in a lab or dyed to be an exact uniform color. 

Refer to FAQ for processing times. 

All Little Sycamore jewelry is lead & nickel free. These rings are formed in solid sterling silver and can be left as is in silver, or heavily plated in gold or rose gold. The plating is at least 3 microns thick, which is much thicker than typical plated jewelry.

The process: It starts out with a handmade hammered band, which gives the ring a lot of pretty texture. A lot of time is spent arranging the stones onto the band, hand-picking the prettiest stones and finding the positioning that looks best with those stones. After finding the perfect design, the ring is carefully hand painted with conductive paint. Using an electric current, silver deposits onto the ring and around the base of the stones for 20+ hours. This slow build up of metal creates a unique and organic looking setting that very securely holds the stones in place. The ring is tumbled, hand-polished, and either left as is in silver or plated in a very thick layer of gorgeous 18k yellow or rose gold. Long story short... a whole lot of time and love is put into this little beauty!