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Everything is 100% handmade with love by our team of hardworking women.
Our raw stones haven't been cut or polished, they come straight from the earth looking this pretty!

With our raw stones, just leave a note during checkout with your instagram username and we’ll send you a video of options so you can pick your favorite piece! If you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll fully refund before shipping. That way there’s zero risk in ordering, we’ll make sure you end up with jewelry you absolutely love!

If there’s multiple designs you want to decide between, or if you want to see options of what to stack with it… we can show you that too!

We actually never do sales or coupon codes! Most companies overprice and then do sales all the time. But I prefer to price as low as I’m able and then leave it there, that way you know that at any time you buy you’re getting it at the best possible price it will ever be.

Just a heads up that because we have so many handmade designs, unfortunately once something sells out it can often be years before we’re able to restock it. If you absolutely cannot live without a certain piece, it's a good idea to snatch it while we have it!

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stack it up!


Adding bands into your stack fills the spaces between stone rings and gives you some extra sparkle!

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Angel Babies

Lovingly made to represent angel babies and lost loved ones

Mothers Jewelry

Custom made to represent your family

Metaphysical Properties

Discover the meaning of the different stones

Birthstone Jewelry

Wear pieces that represent the people you love most

Mommy & Me

Jewelry to match your littles



I purchased the Guardian Angel Ring shortly after my husband died and it has brought me so much comfort. As the description says, it is perfect for someone who is missing someone in heaven.


I wear Little Sycamore EVERY day! Every piece is absolutely beautiful and is so dear to me!


The most stunning jewelry in its raw form. If you're looking to get the most compliments on effortlessly easy to style pieces, this is it. Not to mention the price for quality is outrageous.


Just in love with my September and April Stackables to represent my two sweet babies. I wear and adore them every day!


I love my angel baby raindrop necklace because I wanted a tangible way to remember the babies we lost.


Some of my most prized possessions, they are all so unique, beautiful and special. If there was a fire these pieces are in my top 3 of what I’d save! I wear them daily and have never had any issues and get complimented ALL the time. Nothing compares to what they represent though!


Everything I’ve gotten has been absolutely stunning. They take requests and ensure you love your jewelry. I will continue to support this small business and refer it to others!

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