Processing Times:
Custom orders... take 7 weeks and cannot be rushed. 
For standard designs...
Stackable birthstone rings in silver will ship in 3-4 days. Stackable birthstone rings in gold or rose gold will ship in 3-4 weeks. If your size is not available, you will need to wait until I restock. I am regularly restocking and will post about it on Instagram when I do! For all other ring designs, all of the sizes listed in the drop down menus are sizes that are already made and ready to ship, they will be shipped in 3-4 days. If you want a different size, select "other ring size" and leave a note during checkout telling me what size you would like it to be. I only accept a limited number of "other ring size" orders each month, but this option is always available on the first of every month, so check back then! 

Usually all earrings and necklaces are in stock, but sometimes I'm in the process of restocking something. In stock items will ship in 3-4 business days.
If in a rush for a gift or unsure about what ring size or metal color to get them, I do offer Gift Cards that are immediately emailed (and you can forward that email off to whoever you are gifting to) 

Refunds & Exchanges:
I do full refunds/exchanges via shop credit for standard designs, but the buyer is responsible to pay for shipping costs. Returns must be done within 14 days after delivery. I will also repair products at any time, even when it was bought years ago. Contact me if you are dissatisfied in any way, because I promise to do what I can to solve any problems. I want to make sure you're happy about your purchase!
Custom orders are always final sale.

Natural Materials:

Because every stone is unique, every piece of jewelry I create will be perfectly unique. Please expect variations in stone color & shape.

Custom Orders:

Mothers charm and drop necklaces are always available for purchase. I only accept a limited number of mothers rings and circle necklaces, but they are restocked on the first of every month. So set your alarms for the 1st of next month if you're wanting one and they're sold out!
Before ordering a custom piece, if you want to visualize what it would look like... I recommend watching the highlighted stories on Instagram titled “birthstones” and the highlight titled “sneak peeks” can also be helpful! In a note during checkout you can tell me any general preferences that you have if you have any, or just leave it up to me and I’ll design it however I think will look best with the stones. *PLEASE NOTE that these rings are custom in that you choose what months you want represented and if you have any general preferences on the design (smaller vs larger, stones in a row vs cluster). I need to have the space to make decisions on the design, pieces turn out much prettier this way. I will be the one to design the ring and I promise to work hard to make you something beautiful and unique! When I’m working on it, I’ll send you a video over on Instagram as a fun preview of the work in progress. I’ll then email you when I’m two weeks away from shipping and you’ll get another email with tracking information when it ships. I’ll also post a sneak peek of it over on my instagram right before shipping. So keep an eye on my instagram stories! Please expect the entire process for custom rings and circle necklaces will take a full 6-7 weeks before it is shipped. The Stackable Birthstone Rings will ship in 3 business days if bought in silver, 3-4 weeks if bought in rose gold or gold. Charm and Drop necklaces usually ship in 1 week. If there’s a certain date you were hoping to have it by and it won’t arrive in time for that, no worries! For their gift you can at least show them that video of the work in progress of their piece!

Not Done Having Babies:
You want some mothers jewelry but you aren't done having kids? I have some designs that are perfect for that! You can add birthstones later on to the Mothers Charm Necklace & the Mothers Drop Necklace.
There are also Stackable Birthstone Rings for every month, and you can add to your stack whenever you have another babe!

Sizing Details:
The listed ring sizes in the drop down menu are sizes that are already made and ready to ship. If you don't see your size there, then you can select the "other ring size" option and I will make the ring in any size you would like. Just leave a note at checkout to tell me what size you would like it to be. This "other ring size" option may be sold out because I accept a limited number of them each month, but this option will restock on the first of every month. Rings cannot be resized due to the unique way they are formed. But if you purchased a standard non-custom design, I am happy to do exchange it for another size.
Due to variance in ring sizing tools, it is expected for ring sizes to vary by a quarter of a size.

Gift Wrapping and Packaging:
Every order is packaged ready for gift giving! 

The stackable birthstone rings are formed in solid silver (so purchase the Stackable Birthstone Rings in silver if you don't want anything plated). Everything else is formed in pure copper. Then the pieces are plated in the thickest possible (and nickel-free) plating of rose gold, gold, or silver. The plating is as thick as can possibly be plated, so it will last much longer than typical plated jewelry. If the plating ever starts to wear down, you can send it over to me and I'll re-plate it for you, or any local jeweler can! All jewelry can be worn 24/7 while showering and sleeping. The worst thing that can happen is plated rings can start to have the plating show some wear after lots and lots of use. But this isn't a big deal because we can just re-plate it. So just give your pieces lots and lots of good use without any worry! 
If you purchase a copper piece (instead of gold, rose gold, or silver)... Copper is ever-changing, brightening with wear and darkening with time. Because some of my jewelry is made out of copper, there is the potential to cause greening on some people's skin. It just depends on the pH level of their skin if it will happen or not. This greening is not harmful (there are actually proven health benefits to wearing copper!) but if it bothers you there are definitely some tips to help, like drying it off quickly when it gets wet and not wearing it when you're sleeping. But the best way to avoid greening is by applying a coat of something on top of the copper. A sealant I recommend is Protectaclear (available on Amazon). To apply it, you just dab it on with a Q-tip and it just takes a few seconds. It lasts longer than any other coating I am familiar with and can be reapplied every few months when it wears off. But if copper isn't your favorite metal to wear, I also offer gold, rose gold, and silver plating. I also offer solid silver stackable birthstone rings. These metals are very unlikely to cause greening. Hopefully that helps! 

Customs and Import Taxes:
Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.