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Fire Element Ring

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Fire Element Ring

The Fire Ring features three clustered crystals, all fiery colors. Some of the crystals are a deeper almost black shade of red, and some are a more vibrant golden shade. The mix of colors and the mix of round and straight edges reminds me of the wild, changing shapes of flames. 

What it Represents: 
Not manmade, polished, or cut.... these raw stones come straight from the Earth looking this pretty! I love that with this jewelry, I am able to wear a little piece of actual nature, to remind me of this big beautiful world I am lucky enough to live in. My intention for the Elements Collection is to celebrate this beautiful world, to help us feel grounded and more connected to nature. 

The ancients believed that the world is made up of four basic elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. And that human beings are made of and governed by these same elements. The elements are meant to balance each other. Astrology teaches that we all have a different balance of the four elements, which makes up our unique personalities.
Fire: Confident, strong and passionate. Stimulated by adventure and exercise. 
Water: Peaceful, trusting, and perceptive to surroundings. Full of emotion.
Air: Joy and communication. Stimulated by creativity and imagination.
Earth: Grounding and stable. Good with hard work and logic.

Whether you are grateful to a God who created this nature for you, or want to feel connected to the Universe you are a part of, I hope these pieces can remind you of the beauty that is all around you in this world!

Orange Garnet, Dark red Garnet, and Topaz (Two January and a November birthstone). The stones shine brighter with sunlight shining through them, and are a more muted darker color when looked at in the shade. 

These rings are formed in solid sterling silver and can be left as is in silver, or heavily plated in gold or rose gold. The plating is at least 3 microns thick, which is much thicker than typical plated jewelry.

All crystals are raw and natural. They come straight from the earth this pretty! Because of this, please expect variation; each ring will be unique and will not look exactly like the ones pictured. No one will ever have a ring that looks just like yours!

Refer to FAQ for processing times. 

The Process:
Your ring starts out as a handmade hammered band, which gives it a lot of pretty texture. Crystals are sorted through and then a lot of time is spent arranging the crystals onto the band, hand-picking the prettiest ones and finding the positioning that looks best with them. After finding the perfect design, the ring is carefully hand painted with conductive paint. Using an electric current, the highest quality silver deposits onto the ring and around the base of the stones for 20+ hours. This slow build up of metal creates a unique and organic looking setting that very securely holds the stones in place. The ring is tumbled, hand-polished, and either left as is in solid silver or plated in a very thick layer of gorgeous 18k yellow or rose gold. Long story short... a whole lot of time and love is put into this little beauty!

xox Kelsey