November Moment Bracelet
November Moment Bracelet // Rose Gold, Gold, or Silver - Little Sycamore
November Moment Bracelet
November Moment Bracelet
November Moment Bracelet // Rose Gold, Gold, or Silver - Little Sycamore
November Moment Bracelet // Rose Gold, Gold, or Silver - Little Sycamore
November Moment Bracelet // Rose Gold, Gold, or Silver - Little Sycamore
November Moment Bracelet // Rose Gold, Gold, or Silver - Little Sycamore
November Moment Bracelet
November Moment Bracelet // Rose Gold, Gold, or Silver - Little Sycamore
November Moment Bracelet
November Moment Bracelet

November Moment Bracelet

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With our raw stone designs, just leave a note during checkout with your instagram username and we’ll send you a video of options so you can pick your favorite piece. If you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll fully refund before shipping. That way there’s ZERO risk in ordering, we’ll make sure you end up with jewelry you absolutely love!

If there’s multiple designs you want to decide between, or if you want to see options of what to stack with it… we can show you that too!

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November Moment Bracelet · Topaz and Citrine

What it represents:

The little circle on this design reminds me of a clock, or time; and the stone represents a moment, a moment in time. We have these designs with every month’s stone, so you can use them to represent any moments that are special to you. Certain dates hold so much meaning, and I think this will be a beautiful reminder of those moments.

I know for me, the days that my babies were born were the best days of my life & I love to be reminded of the moments that I met them by wearing the stones of the months they were born in. The day I chose to marry my husband is a memory that is so special to me, and I would love to wear one of these to remind me of the moment I chose to spend forever with him. I think of my grandpa whenever it is the anniversary of his passing. I remember all of us cousins spending so much time at my grandparent's house soaking up his funny sweet loving spirit in those days before he passed away. And I think one of these in that month's stone would be a beautiful reminder of those moments with him. Time is always moving forward, things are always changing; but my vision for the Moment jewelry is for it to capture the special moments and remind you of them often.

I also hope you can use these Moments as meaningful gifts. It can be hard to know what to do for a momma who just lost another baby to miscarriage, but hopefully giving her an Angel Baby Moment will be a way for you to say you love her. And I think it is helpful for her to have a physical representation of the memories and moments she has with that baby that she holds close to her heart. A gift you give on graduation day, with that month’s stone, to always remind that young woman of everything she accomplished. A necklace representing the month your friend lost a loved one, or their "heaven birthday" because you know that this time of year will always be tender for them. Gifting yourself the stone of the month you were born in, because you know that YOU matter and every time you wear it you’ll be reminded to practice some self love.

Bracelet Details:

These Moment Bracelets layer beautifully together, so you can build your bracelet stack over time! With the bar in the back and the circle up front, the weight of the bracelet is balanced and makes it so comfortable to wear. If the bracelet ever twists around to the back (although the curved bar does prevent that), then there's a pretty hammered bar there up front. No matter which angle you look at the bracelet, there is something pretty to see! The bar curves to the shape of your wrist. Every detail of these bracelets was carefully thought through. The circle is smaller than the size of a dime. With the nature of bracelets, the moment circle may flip upside down but it is easy to adjust. It is easier to take off yourself but you may need assistance from another person with putting the bracelet on, but then you can just leave it on! The high quality chain has soldered links to prevent breaking, can be worn daily and while showering. Everything is lead & nickel free. We made each piece unique from each other, showcasing all the ways that these raw birthstones can vary. And we know that your preferences might vary as much as the raw stones do! So we are going to send you a video of some choices for you to choose from, that way you end up with one you adore! Please refer to the "video choices" section at the bottom of this description for more details. 

The Process:

Many crystals are sorted through to find the prettiest ones. The crystal is then carefully positioned with the prettiest angle facing forward, and put inside of a little hammered circle. The mounting is shaped with a clay, and the piece is then hand painted with conductive paint. The moment circle then goes through a really neat process where pure silver deposits onto the conductive paint and crystal for 15+ hours, rotating and adjusting the pieces every few hours. After tumbling, hand polishing, and either leaving as is in solid silver or plating in the thickest possible layer of nickel-free 18k gold or rose gold, the moment circle is finally complete! The moment circle is then attached to the prettiest, highest quality chain I have found (rose gold filled, gold filled, or solid sterling silver). A really thick piece of wire is measured, cut, polished, curved, two holes drilled, and then hand hammered to create a bar with lovely texture. Chains are hand cut with precise measurements to fit your wrist and all the pieces are assembled together. Long story short... a whole lot of time and love is put into this little beauty!

Video Choices, Processing time, and Return Policy:

Refer to FAQ for current processing times.
Once you order, we will send you a video of a few pieces to choose from- that way you can be confident that the one we send you will be one that you really really love! If you don't absolutely love one, we will cancel and refund your order before it is shipped.... so no risk there! It is a lot of extra work on our end to send these videos, but we want to be sure you end up with a bracelet you adore! You will only receive the video if you put your Instagram username in during checkout & you need to reply within 12 hours with your choice or we will just pick a really pretty one for you!  
Because the length is customized, Moment Bracelets are final sale. But if you end up needing an alteration to the length after receiving it, just contact me and I will be happy to make it a perfect fit for you. I recommend measuring tightly around your wrist.

xox Kelsey

Here is the timeline you can expect for your pretty things to be sent your way!

  • Ready to ship orders ship in 1-5 business days. What is ready to ship? Anything that isn't custom! All of our necklaces and all of our earrings (in all metals) are ready to ship. All of our silver raw stone rings are ready to ship.
  • Raw stone rings are made in silver. If ordered in gold or rose gold, they will need plated in our next batch, giving them a processing time of 3-6 weeks.
  • Custom Mothers Charm Necklaces + Custom Mothers Drop Necklaces ship in 1-5 business days. 
  • Lockets ship in 2-6 weeks.
  • Mini Momma Rings + Mini Birthstone Stackables ship in 2-3 weeks. 
  • Custom Mothers Rings do not have a guaranteed ship date but usually take a couple months and cannot be rushed. Silver ones will ship sooner than the gold/rose gold.
  • Orders will not ship until all the pieces in the order are ready. If you want ready to ship things to ship first, reach out for us to adjust your order.
Our standard designs can be returned for something else if you aren't happy with it for any reason or if it doesn't fit well. Please read the following details of our return policy. By purchasing, you are agreeing to this policy.
  • Refunds/Exchanges are accepted on standard designs. We offer refund of the price of the item through store credit only. If you want to exchange for something else, you will purchase what you want using the store credit you received from the return. Items must be returned unworn within 14 days after delivery. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. Email us and we will get you set up for the return for store credit.
  • The following are final sale and will not be accepted for return/exchange. No exceptions will be made: Custom Mothers Rings. Custom Mini Momma Rings. Custom Mothers Drop or Charm Necklaces. Custom Mothers Charm Bracelets. Lockets. Minis (these are polished gemstone stackables that are made to order in the size and metal you want, you know which are these by finding the word "mini" in the title). Moments (because you pick out your exact piece). Custom cut Bracelets and Anklets. Flash Instagram Sale Items. Anything that clearly states "final sale" in the listing description.
    NO EXCEPTIONS for final sale items
If your size is not available, you will need to wait until I restock. And good news is that you can sign up to be notified when it restocks! (Instead of having to check the website all the time - yay!) Just select the option you want from the drop down menu, then put your email/phone number in to be notified. I also try to announce upcoming restocks on my Instagram and to people receiving my emails. You can sign up for those emails HERE

Cancellation of a flash sale item is never allowed. If the customer wants to cancel an order of a ring that is already in the process of being plated, there will be a $10 restocking fee to help cover some of our cost with that plating. In all other scenarios, we will try our best to accommodate cancellation requests if the item has not yet been shipped. 

You can select USPS Standard Mail or Priority Mail during checkout. These speeds are up to USPS and outside of my control - I am unable to guarantee their speed but usually Standard takes 5 days and Priority takes 3.
If in a rush for a gift to have by a certain date or unsure about what ring size or metal color to get them, I do offer Gift Cards that are immediately emailed (and you can forward that email off to whoever you are gifting to)

Because every stone from this earth is unique, every piece of jewelry I create will be perfectly unique. Because every piece is handmade, there is variation in that as well! I absolutely love that, because it means no one will ever have a piece that looks just like yours! Please expect variations in stone color & shape.

The best way to see an exact ring stack is to order it and leave a note during checkout telling me your instagram username & that you want us to send you a video of the pieces together to approve of before shipping it. You can also leave a note during checkout if there was another stack you were debating between and we can show you that too. And in that note during checkout you can tell us about any preferences you have so that we can hopefully pick a piece from my inventory that best matches what you are wanting. We will send video(s) through instagram direct message. If needed, we can change your order at that point. And if you don't 100% love your options for any reason, we will just cancel and refund your order in full before shipping it. So that way there is no risk in ordering & we will make sure you end up with a ring stack you absolutely love.

Almost all of our custom designs are always available for purchase. If a custom design is sold out, it will restock the 1st day of every month at 10:00 am pacific time. Spots always fill up quickly, so it's a good idea to set a reminder in your phone calendar if you want one of these spots!

We have a Ring Sizing Tool that will help you determine your size. For tips on how to size in a ring stack, I recommend watching my instagram highlight titled "sizing + info" Another option is to stop by a local jeweler, they're usually happy to tell you your ring size free of charge!

Rings cannot be resized due to the unique way they are formed. But if you purchased a standard non-custom design, I am happy to have you exchange it for another size.

Due to the variance in ring sizing tools you may be measuring with and due to variation in the handmade process, it is expected for ring sizes to vary by a quarter of a size. 

How to clean my ring? For cleaning chains or the metal of your ring, you should use our Jewelry Polishing Cloths. If your jewelry is plated, then you don't want to be too hard with your scrubbing or with cleaning agents because you don't want to wear down the plating. If you have a solid silver ring though, you can rub as vigorously as you'd like haha because it can never wear down since it is solid silver through and through. For cleaning the stones, the best tool us warm water and a toothbrush- I know that is random but it gets in the little nooks really well!

What if the metal on my jewelry has darkened? Every now and then real metal can develop a patina. Not harmful at all, just something that happens with real metal sometimes when it comes in contact with certain minerals like sulfur or if it isn't worn for a long time (you should store your jewelry in an air tight place like a plastic baggie if it won't be worn for a long time). Simply wearing it for a week or two is often all that is needed to polish it bright again, or use your Jewelry Polishing Cloth!

What if my ring needs to be redipped? If your ring is one of the solid silver ones, it will never need to be redipped. Sometimes a gold or rose gold plated ring will need to be redipped down the road after lots of everyday use and I'm happy to do that for you! Email for instructions.

Keep jewelry away from harsh chemicals like hand sanitizer and chlorine.  

Every order is packaged ready for gift giving! If you want us to include a written note for you, please request that in the notes during checkout.

You want some mothers jewelry but you aren't done having kids? I have some designs that are perfect for that! You can add birthstones later on to the Mothers Charm Necklace & the Mothers Drop NecklaceThere are also Stackable Birthstone Rings for every month, and you can add to your stack whenever you have another babe!

Only the highest quality materials are used. Real authentic gemstones. Raw and unpolished, which means they come straight from the earth looking this pretty! Please refer to listing description to see what metals are used. Only the highest quality metals are used- for the raw stone rings it can be solid sterling silver and left as is in silver or dipped in high quality 18k gold or rose gold. If you're hard on your rings I recommend going with solid silver for the raw stone rings so that you don't have to worry about wearing down plating over time. The solid rose/gold Minis are also an option that will never need any upkeep! But if you decide on a plated piece, we're happy to redip it later on down the road if it is ever needed! 

If your necklace chain breaks, email me and we can get that repaired for you! For other kinds of incidents happening or repairs needed, I can't guarantee that we will always be able to help but I promise to do what I can!

We do not cover damages to jewelry when stored in our jewelry cases or boxes. They're incredibly strong, but damages can potentially happen due to customer error.

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.

Often people claim handmade when it isn't truly handmade. Handmade is very important to us though & I can guarantee that we choose to go handmade on every step of the process that is feasible to do so. Every single stone ring starts out as a hand hammered band underneath the metal build up. I could order cheap ring shanks from China to use instead. But I choose to support growing a team of artists helping me instead, and I believe that people can feel the love that is poured into every step being handmade. 

Please email because I want to help in any way that I can!



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