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Safe Love • Rose Quartz Sapphire Ring

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Safe Love • Rose Quartz, the stone that represents love + Sapphire, September's birthstone

This ring is made with a large Rose Quartz in the center, with an accenting grey Sapphire on either side. 

Rose Quartz is the stone for unconditional love. Rose Quartz represents all forms of love: friendship, self love, romanic love, and familial love. This ring can be a reminder to love someone unconditionally, to work on self love practices, or it can be a gift to your daughter or friend to tell her that you love her. 

Sapphire is known as the "wisdom stone," for releasing mental tension and unwanted thoughts. Instead it is meant to bring lightness, joy, and peace of mind.

The name "Safe Love" comes from what these two stones represent + the design of the ring. With two Sapphires on either end, it looks like they're protecting or holding close that love that the Rose Quartz represents.

The Process:

It begins with a handmade hammered band, which gives the ring a lot of pretty texture. Raw crystals are sorted through to find the best ones, and carefully placed onto the rings with the positioning just right, puzzle piecing the stones together, and the prettiest side facing upward. After creating a beautiful design, the ring and the base of the crystals are carefully hand painted with conductive paint. Using an electric current, metal deposits onto the ring and around the base of the stones for 15+ hours. This slow build up of metal creates a unique and organic looking setting that very securely holds the stones in place. The ring is tumbled, hand-polished, and can be left as is in solid silver or it can be plated in the thickest possible plating of 18k gold or rose gold. Long story short... a whole lot of time and love is put into this little beauty!

The Materials:

This ring is handcrafted with the very highest quality metal & stones. In order for every ring can be proportional to different fingers- bigger ring sizes tend to have bigger stones, smaller ring sizes tend to have smaller stones. There will be variations in color (not every ring will look exactly like these photos) because stones are natural, straight from the earth. They aren't grown in a lab or dyed to be an exact uniform color. 

If ordered in silver you'll be able to wear it forever without ever needing it to be redipped since it's solid silver through and through (so I recommend choosing silver if you are hard on your rings). Or you can have it heavily plated in gold or rose gold (still as high of quality, you just may need us to redip it for you someday down the road). These rings will ship sooner if ordered in silver, longer if ordered in gold or rose gold.

See FAQ for exact processing times. If your size is not available, you can sign up for restock notifications after selecting the size you want from the bottom of the drop down menu.

xox Kelsey