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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Shopping for rings online can be hard! Every one of your fingers is a different size, and your right hand is sized different than your left hand! This little tool will help you make good sizing choices when you're shopping for Little Sycamore rings to wear on all your fingers 😉 

Put the end of the strip into hole to make a circle.
How to read it... Look at the top row of notches. If looking for a size 7, the long notch closest to the number 7 is a size 7. If wanting a size 7.5, choose the short notch directly to the right of that size 7 long notch.
Set it to the size you think you are and try to slip it onto your finger to see if it fits well. It should be set loose enough that it slips on and off your knuckle easily, but not too loose that it falls right off.
Signs it is set to too tight of a size for your finger: trying to force it over your knucle, wiggling it a lot back and froth to get it off, or if the sizer is moving to a larger size when you are trying to take it on/off. 

When sizing for a ring stack:
A stack is most comfortable when a variety of sizes is used and all of the rings are sized much bigger than you would if the ring was to be worn on its own. A ring worn on its own should be the perfect fit. Rings worn in a stack should be sized larger than your perfect fit. Watch @littlesycamore instagram highlight "sizing and info" for more tips.

Please note: 
This tool is not intended to be perfectly precise and there is not a guarantee that it will fit the same as all rings, it is meant to help you find the general size of your fingers.
Email hello@littlesycamore.com with any questions you may have!

xox Kelsey