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If the metal of your jewelry gets dirty or darkens, don't worry! Real metals will darken (aka tarnish) and it can be easily cleaned off! I've tried many jewelry polishing cloths over the years, and this is by far my favorite one. It's an extra large 11x14 inch size so you can use it for lots and lots of jewelry cleaning! And happy news... This jewelry polishing cloth is made in the USA, 100% natural cotton treated with cleaning agents that are non toxic and environmentally friendly.
Get your jewelry damp with water.
First polish the metal with the inner white cloth, which is treated with cleaning agents to remove tarnish.
Then use the outer grey cloth to shine.
Do not wash the cloth.

Other jewelry care tips:
Real metals will darken when exposed to certain minerals (i.e. sulfur) so avoid contact with things like beauty creams and hand sanitizer. Metal can also darken when not being worn. So either wear your jewelry lots to keep it bright, or store in a little airtight plastic baggie when not being worn to avoid metal darkening. But if it does need cleaning, your new jewelry polishing cloth will help with that!

This jewelry polishing cloth is meant for metals. To clean the stones, I recommend warm soapy water and a toothbrush (random but it gets in the nooks really well!)

If you have a solid metal piece that needs refreshed... this cloth will clean it perfectly.
If you have a plated metal piece... this cloth will clean it, but if the metal plating is wearing down then it will need to be redipped instead. Most Little Sycamore jewelry is solid silver and plated in gold or rose gold. If you’re not sure if your piece is solid or plated or if you want us to redip for you, email hello@littlesycamore.com

xox Kelsey