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New Beginnings • Emerald and Quartz, the stones for May and April or Angels

When I think of new beginnings I think of the beauty of spring- "April showers bring May flowers." Anything hard that you go through can bring about the most beautiful things. And with this ring actually having the stones for April and May, it is the perfect piece to represent that kind of growth and beauty. This name is especially fitting because Emerald happens to have the metaphysical properties of healing, growth, and love. Emerald represents a steadfast bond. And Diamond Quartz represents heaven, clarity and ascension toward the highest spirituality. With tiny Emeralds wrapping around the finger, it looks like the little Diamond Quartz on the end is your "new beginning."

The tiniest Emeralds (May's stone) have a bluish green color to them and the clear/white Diamond Quartz (April or Angel's stone) often has some beautiful natural inclusions. Some of the rings are wrapped further apart and some have the two layers wrapped so close that they are attached. Each ring will have a unique look because it is made with stones that are REAL and straight from this earth, and I love that every ring is different. Just like every person who wears it has a different story of healing growth and love.

*PLEASE NOTE: These rings should not be resized. Do not push/pull the ring more open or closed. Bending the ring open or closed can make it crack in the back later on, and that cannot be repaired. This style is absolutely strong enough for everyday use, just take it off in situations where it could get caught on something (the only situations I take mine off for is hair washing and when putting my hair in a pony tail, when hair could get caught and accidentally pull on the band). Customers are responsible for keeping their ring safe, I will not cover replacements for cracked backs.

The process: It begins with a handmade hammered band, which gives the ring a lot of pretty texture. The crystals are sorted through to find the best ones, and carefully placed onto the rings with the positioning just right, puzzle piecing the stones together, and the prettiest side facing upward. After creating a beautiful design, the ring and the base of the crystals are carefully hand painted with conductive paint. Using an electric current, metal deposits onto the ring and around the base of the stones for 15+ hours. This slow build up of metal creates a unique and organic looking setting that very securely holds the stones in place. The ring is tumbled, hand-polished, and can be left as is in silver or it can be plated in the thickest possible plating of 18k gold or rose gold. Long story short... a whole lot of time and love is put into this little beauty!

These rings are handcrafted with the very highest quality materials to last a lifetime. They're formed in solid silver that can be left silver or heavily plated in gold or rose gold. These rings will ship sooner if ordered in silver, longer if ordered in gold or rose gold. See FAQ for exact processing times. If your size is not available, you will need to wait until I restock. I am regularly restocking and will send an email out to email subscribers when I do! You can sign up to get that email by clicking HERE.

xox Kelsey