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Angel Baby Moment Bracelet

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Angel Baby Moment Bracelet // clear Quartz crystals

What it represents:
I think it is important for mommas of angel babies to have a physical representation of the memories and moments they spent with their baby. Often with angel babies, there aren't any physical reminders of that little one. The little circle in this design reminds me of a clock, or time. And the stones inside the circle are to represent moments. I feel like these clear/white Quartz crystals are the perfect stone to use for these angels. And I hope that this necklace will be a beautiful reminder of your angel baby and the moments you've had with them. 

I also hope they can be a special gift for you to give. It can be hard to know what to do for a momma who just lost another baby to miscarriage, but hopefully giving her an Angel Baby Moment Bracelet will be a way for you to say you love her. And a way for her to have a physical representation of the memories and moments she has with that baby that she holds close to her heart. 


Bracelet Details: 
*Pictures of the bracelets on the models are to show the look of the Moment Bracelets in general, the bracelet she is wearing may not be the birthstone of this listing*

These bracelets look gorgeous layered, so you can build your bracelet stack over time! With the bar in the back and the circle up front, the weight of the bracelet is balanced and makes it so comfortable to wear. If the bracelet ever twists around to the back (although the curved bar does prevent that), then there's a pretty hammered bar there up front. No matter which angle you look at the bracelet, there is something pretty to see! The bar curves to the shape of your wrist. Every detail of these bracelets was carefully thought through. Please note: with the nature of bracelets, the moment circle may flip upside down but it is easy to adjust. The circle is smaller than the size of a dime (it's roughy the size of your fingernail). it is easy to take off yourself but you will need assistance from another person with putting the bracelet on, but then you can just leave it on! The high quality chain has soldered links to prevent breaking, can be worn daily and while showering. Everything is lead & nickel free. We made each piece unique from each other, showcasing all the ways that these raw birthstones can vary. And we know that your preferences might vary as much as the raw stones do! So we are going to send you a video of some choices for you to choose from, that way you end up with one you adore! Please refer to the "video choices" section at the bottom of this description for more details. 

The Process:
Many crystals are sorted through to find the prettiest ones. Th crystal is then carefully positioned with the prettiest angle facing forward, and put inside of a little hammered circle. The mounting is shaped with a clay, and the piece is then hand painted with conductive paint. The moment circle then goes through a really neat process where pure silver deposits onto the conductive paint and crystal for 15+ hours, rotating and adjusting the pieces every few hours. After tumbling, hand polishing, and either leaving as is in silver or plating in the thickest possible layer of nickel-free 18k gold or rose gold, the moment circle is finally complete! The moment circle is then attached to the prettiest, softest, highest quality chain I have found (rose gold filled, gold filled, or solid sterling silver). A really thick piece of wire is measured, cut, polished, curved, two holes drilled, and then hand hammered to create a bar with lovely texture. Chains are hand cut with precise measurements to fit your wrist and all the pieces are assembled together. Long story short... a whole lot of time and love is put into this little beauty!

Video Choices, Processing time, and Return Policy:
Refer to FAQ for current processing times.
Once you order, we will send you a video of a few pieces to choose from- that way you can be confident that the one we send you will be one that you really really love! If you don't absolutely love one, we will cancel and refund your order before it is shipped.... so no risk there! It is a lot of extra work on our end to send these videos, but we want to be sure you end up with a bracelet you adore! You will only receive the video if you put your Instagram username in during checkout & you need to reply within 12 hours with your choice or we will just pick a really pretty one for you! :)
Because the length is customized, Moment Bracelets are final sale.
I recommend measuring at a tight fit. But if you end up needing an alteration to the length after receiving it, just contact me and I will be happy to make it a perfect fit for you.

xox Kelsey