SALE Discontinued Red Quartz Ring // Rose Gold or Silver
SALE Discontinued Red Quartz Ring // Rose Gold or Silver
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SALE Discontinued Red Quartz Ring // Rose Gold or Silver

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Red Quartz Ring // Rose Gold or Silver

Limited Edition. Ready to ship. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Each ring is handmade using raw, natural crystals. The beauty of this is that every piece will turn out perfectly unique. This design features a naturally shaped Hematite included Quartz crystal.

All Little Sycamore jewelry is lead & nickel free. These rings are formed in pure copper and plated in the thickest possible plating of rose gold or silver (rhodium). The plating is 3 microns thick, which is much thicker than typical plated jewelry.

The process: I start out with a handmade hammered band, which gives the ring a lot of pretty texture. I spend a lot of time arranging the stones onto the band, hand-picking the stones I want to use and finding the positioning that I think looks best with those stones. After finding the perfect design, I sand the mounting to get the shape that I want and carefully paint the ring with conductive paint. Using an electric current, metal deposits onto the ring and around the base of the stones for 12+ hours. This slow build up of metal creates a unique and organic looking setting that very securely holds the stones in place. The ring is tumbled, hand-polished, and plated in a very thick layer of gorgeous rose gold or silver (rhodium). Long story short... a whole lot of time and love is put into this little beauty!

xox Kelsey